Monday, January 10, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Sienna

Well my version of sienna, purely because I love this avvie!

I've been MIA for a few weeks so will have to do a catch up blog post to cover the 3 colours previous to this that I missed.


Skin - OH DEER! Basic Nomi 3 from ++PE++
Antlers - OH DEER! Basic from ++PE++
Ears - OH DEER! Basic from ++PE++
Eyes - Dreaming Azur from negaposi
Eyelashes - NoAlpha N01 from Miamai
Hair - Ruby 03 Brown from +BM+
Top - There b leaves on it from Pig
Shorts - ~SW~ Pants Brown from Tokushi (comes with the belt which is available on different attachment points, male and female sized and also for furries of humans. Furries option has the belt raising in a 'hump' over the tail. Is typically suited for Neko tails but with a bit of modification it can suit any tail)
Digi Legs - OH DEER! Basic from ++PE++

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project Positivity

I saw my friend Randi plurk her Project Positivity picture and I was curious as to what it was all about. She also had the link to where it all started so I checked out the blog post from Keira Seerose over on the SL Style Directory. I love this 'challenge'.

I had recently followed in the footsteps of someone who I admire for her courage, determination and honesty, Auguste Finistair, and did my 5 confessions about the RL me on plurk so this was perfect.

Normally I would have found it hard to talk positively about myself. But recently I have sorta seen the world differently....the SLWorld as well. So at 8:07pm today, 4th of January (Australian Time) I stated my first positive about myself.....

1. I love my eyes. I think they are my best feature.

..........then I just kept going....................

2. I love that I have a bubbly personality.
3. I love being artistic. I can draw, sew, paint, build & write.
4. I love that I have a huge family that I can always depend on.
5. I love that I can say proudly I am a plus size girl. Curves Rule!
6. I love being tall.
7. I love that I have two sisters that are 8yrs & 12yrs and I am 32yrs even though some think the age diff. odd.
8. I love that I love deeply and faithfully
9. I love my sense of humour, no matter how warped it is.

..........and at 8:36pm I got to my last positive about me. Which is also a positive about a person I consider my best friend who also has her own difficulties realising she is someone of a lot more worth than she gives herself credit for. Sanura Snowpaw is my best friend and someone that I consider a sister so it felt only right that I share my positives with her........

10. I love that I made a friend for life in SL. She is as much a sister to me as my RL sisters are and I would do anything for her. <3>

Even if you don't have a flickr page to share/contribute your Project Positivity, or you don't have a blog to share it on, stop and take a few minutes for yourself and even just jot them on the nearest scrap of paper. We all need a little positive encouragement in our lives from time to time and we can't accept it and make a better life for each other if we ourselves can't even say something positive about ourselves.

Thank you Keira for this awesome 'challenge'.

I decided to use an RL pic of me. Since these positives are about the secretary behind the keyboard for Arora's pixels.