Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why do the lies still hurt

Why did I not listen to my gut instinct all that time ago when I first questioned you?
Why did I believe your lies!

Why did I ignore the warning signs?
Why did I believe your lies!


I can't believe after all this time I catch a glimpse of you and all these emotions come flooding back in and instead of feeling angry - I feel sad, lonely, hurt, pain...

Time heals all wounds, right?
Plenty more fish in the sea?
Maybe he wasn't Mr Right?

I know your lied time and time again about it and when I asked you, you lied right to my face. We all have insecurities - but hiding behind the fakeness of a female account and fooling all those people just so you can 'feel out' if you have a chance. Be a real man - admit you are shy and just take the consequences of rejection. It fucking hurts and it sucks.

But imagine the hurt and grief when you are finally exposed for what you really were all that time. The new girl in your life that you secretly send messages to claiming to be another just so you can talk about you, the people you told all those lies to about your RL and all the worrying they did over you....and it was all a lie. How do you think they are going to feel.

I am over you. I was over you the moment I found this out. Yet why do I still let your lies hurt me like this? Why do I feel like crying and running into your arms? Why...why...why!

Because you are a manipulator and you know how to make people feel good. Well try doing it the right way and stop the lies before someone else finds out your secrets and you are finally called out. The pain of rejection now might be a little easier to handle the the major humiliation when people find out.

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