Sunday, July 4, 2010

And the winner is.......

I'll try not to babble on too much for this post. After al it's about the winners not the competition any more. I would just like to add first of all that I will be doing this again in the future, with a twist. New rules, new prizes - NEW EVERYTHING. Now...Lets introduce the winners.

1st Place - Kika Starbrook
Winning by a mere few minutes. Congratulations Kika

2nd Place - Ember Farina
Awesome collection. And only a few minutes behind 1st place. It was certainly a race to the end.

3rd Place - Scarlot Verrazzano
Fantastic efforts Scarlot. Thank you for entering and congratulations.

Funniest Picture Winner - Scarlot Verrazzano
There were definitely some funny entries in this competition. All three judges and myself though had a good giggle at this entry. Scarlot inadvertently captured some text on the screen. So Scarlot, we're curious....what did you get up to after taking this picture hmmm.....hahaha

Most Creative Winner - Ember Farina
This was a unanimous decision to award the most creative award to Ember. Every photo was a different Avatar. Clearly she has an Avatar shopping addiction. But the effort to change for each photo and also match others in the photos with her was awesome. It was hard to pic just one for the photo award - but this one stood out.

Readers Choice Winner - Kika Starbrook
It was a tough decision to narrow down the choices for the Readers Choice nominees. With 56% of the votes from a total of 71 votes across all 5 entrants - Congratulations Kika. I personally love this picture for the way the two girls hair styles make a heart shape.

Thank you to the entrants, to all the snogees out there across the grid for lending your lips and to my three judges - Sanura Snowpaw, Motman Verwood and Madison Swords.

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