Thursday, July 8, 2010

Squeegee Angels Challenge

Those birds over at Operation Squeegee have been dipping into the celebration wine again I think. But they came up with this awesome Squeegee Angels Challenge. It's all quite simple really. Grab the FREE antlers at the Stage area of Operation Squeegee, make a donation to a great cause and get your very own Squeegee (you get 6 in a pack - 3 with and 3 without animation AND you also get three poses), make your own Squeegee Style, take a pic and blog/upload it to flickr. Done!

You say you need a squeegee. I was sure I had one around here somewhere.

A womans work is never done.

My Look

Squeegee Items:
Squeegee Antlers - available for FREE at the stage area of Operation Squeegee
Hand held squeegee - available as a free gift when you make a donation to Operation Squeegee (merchants area bucket beside the free antlers)
OpSquee Pink Pose - provided in the gift pack of free Squeegees from the donation bucket gift
::OD::Tarnish Top from the Operation Squeegee Exclusive outfit from ::OD:: at Operation Squeegee Merchants Area

Non Squeegee Items:
Whoop Dee Doo hair in powder from !lamb
Dreaming Eyes in Azur from NegaPosi
OH DEER! Basic Nomi 3 Skin from ++PE++
OH DEER! Basic Ears from ++PE++
~SW~ Pants in Brown from Tokushi

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