Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alphabet Snog-A-Thon Readers Choice Award Nominees are.....

Just to backtrack a little. If you want to read more about the SL Alphabet Snog-A-Thon just read this previous post.

I am happy to announce that the Judges, Sanura 'Kitteh' Snowpaw, Madison Gunther Allen-Swords, Motman 'FuzzyButt' Verwood and Myself have finally reached a decision on the nominees for the Readers Choice award. It was a tough one as there were so many things to look for in the pictures. But below are your 5 Nominees.

Please look over the Nominees and choose your favourite. To vote, go to our poll page and choose **ONE** nominee that you want to win and vote for them. The names of the Nominee Entrants are under each photo below so you know who to vote for on the poll page.

Final winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Major prizes, Funniest Picture Winner, Most Creative Winner and the Readers Choice winner will all be announced on July 5th so stay tuned to see who wins.

'A' from Scarlot Verrazzano

'R' from Kika Starbrook

'E' from Ember Farina

'W' from Kika Starbrook

'C' from Kika Starbrook

A big thank you to those that entered and those that have been following along with the progress and also lending their lips in photos for our entrants. To see ALL pictures entered please visit the SL Snog-A-Thon Flickr page. To keep up to date with future Snog-A-Thon competitions feel free to join the Flickr group or find us inworld - SL Snog-A-Thon

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