Friday, June 18, 2010

SL Alphabet Snog-A-Thon

Just how many people do you know in SL? Friends of friends included. Do you think you know at least 26 people whose first names begin with each letter of the alphabet? Are you game enough to kiss them all for a chance to win over $4000L in prizes?

Well get the chapstick and lip gloss out and start smacking lips. Here are a few rules you MUST follow in order to have a chance at winning:

1) Locate 26 people. Their first names must begin with each letter of the alphabet ie: Adam, Betty, Calvin, David, Eelanor, Francis, George, Henriette, Ingrid, Jack, Kris, Luna, Madison, Nick, Ottis, Prue, Quintessa, Rupert, Steve, Tegan, Umberto, Vivienne, Wendy, Xavier, Yuki, Zander (There is an exception. If someone's name starts with numbers I will accept them as the first letter that appears after the numbers, ie 1980Ellie would be an 'E' entry)

2) TP to the set location where there is a pose already in place. Jump on this pose and get your camera at an angle that you are happy with. There is no specific background that needs to be included. But in saying that you cannot photoshop it out and apply your own. The photo must contain the background of where you are.

3) Before you take a snapshot - Follow these instructions. Click snapshot. When the menu comes up, if you haven't already, click on "more>>". You should see 5 checkboxes at the bottom with descriptions beside them. The one that says "show interface in snapshot' needs to have a tick beside it. Now when you take your snapshot your names will appear above your head. This is for your proof that you have found each letter of the alphabet. Get clicking you have 26 photos to take.

4) Entries can be submitted 1 of 4 ways:
1) Send a folder called SL SNOG-A-THON ((YOUR NAME)) containing the photos of you and the 26 leters of the alphabet. Screenshots/photos must be labelled with leters of the alphabet they are.
2) Send a link to your blog where you showcase your 26 letters of the alphabet
3) Send a link to your flickr where you showcase your 26 letters of the alphabet
4) Send an email with your screenshots/photos to
** All photos submitted must hve the names visible of both yourself and the other person so that letters of the alphabet can be confirmed.

5) Photos can only be taken between the dates 20th of June and 30th of June 2010. The sim will not be open to the public outside of those dates. All entries must be received by midnight 30th June 2010 SLT.

A little hint. If you are stuck for a letter join the group for free - Alphabet Snog-A-Thon (can be found in my profile in the groups section) and do a call out for a particular letter you are looking for. Someone may be online and looking for your letter too and be able to help.

The good bits.......

There is over $10,000L in gift certificate prizes up for grabs. The first three people, in order of receipt, will win 1st prize - over $4000L in gift certificates, 2nd prize - $2500L in gift certificates and 3rd prize - $1500L in gift certificates.

There will be three category winners also receiving $500L in gift certificates for Funniest picture submitted, Creativity in pictures and Readers Choice. I, along with 3 possible admins of the group, will select 10 pictures we liked from all entries submitted. These will be on display for the readers to choose which one they want to vote for.

There has been a flickr group created which you are all welcome to join. For those that enter their submissions into the flickr group there will be a daily prize awarded to the best entry. Obviously you have to enter your pics on flickr to be in the draw for those prizes.

Now for those of you that are in a relationship or partnered - there is no actual snogging required. The pose is non animated. And you don;t actually lock lips (well in all the avatars shapes and sizes I tried the closes I got was noses touching) in case you don't want to be kissing anyone other than your significant other. As far as I know this is the first of a kind challenge to happen in SL and if it is a success I will look at running it again another time. The picture below is an example of what yours should look like. Showing you the names in the picture.

This is open to anyone and everyone. You don't need to be a photographer to enter. As long as you can take a snapshot that is all that counts. But if you want to go in the draw for the creativity or funniest, then dress up, mosh your picks so you have more than one snapshot on a texture. Creativity is limitless. Have fun and enjoy the sillyness of the SL Alphabet Snog-A-Thon.

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