Sunday, June 13, 2010

The BBBC 2010

What is 'The BBBC 2010' you ask. Alicia Chenaux posted The Big Bad Bloggers Challenge 2010 on her blog, and who am I to pass up a challenge. I was supposed to be using this blog for a 'picture' a day but what with RL having it's annoying habit of interfering I have been rather slack in that venture. So this is going to kick start me back into doing it again. With this challenge taking a week to complete I will aim to post a picture with each day I answer the bloggers challenge questions. And after the BBBC - well I will be on my own challenge to keep up the posting of pics from around SL.

So here goes............

Today's Topic: Why did you become a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

Becomming a blogger is not something I thought I would ever do. I may have the gift of the gab and be able to talk under water with a mouthful of wet cement and marbles, but I never saw myself as the 'writing it all down and sharing it' type of person. That was until I was introduced to a dear friend of mine, Marnix.

You know the first time you meet someone in SL - you check out their profile, read about them to see if there is any conversation starters in there, check out their pics to see if you have things in common etc. Well I did just that and friends also told me about his blog. Being the curious ....maybe stalker type.....person that I was, I went and checked out his blog. Now I may be the odd one out here, but I went to the oldest post first. I wanted to read from start to finish to see what made this guy tick. See how he had grown, or not, during his time in SL. And while sitting there reading I found myself cracking up laughing at his strange rantings,trend followings, chicken escapades and rather interesting dress sense.

Press fast forward and jump a few months down the track I got the nerve to start my own blog. It was after talking to him one night that I decided to show the SL World that I could be a blogger. I looked around and blog hosting sites, found layouts to mix and match to my style, I got caught up in the moment of "OMG I'm now a blogger". I then sat back and stared at my screen thinking to myself "So what now?" That answers my 'Why'...I was inspired by someone that was just as much an everyday, down to earth, comedian in their own mind as I was. If he could do it, why couldn't I?

That was around November last year. I have changed blogs since then and started second ones, helped manage others and been an avid reader of many of my friends blogs. I still don't class myself as 'a blogger'. I have a blog - sure. I write my thoughts, ramblings, shopping finds - when I remember. But I'm still just Rors. I don't think being a blogger has really changed me all that much. I do find my shopping addiction has slightly gotten out of hand though

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